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Our Classrooms

PreK 1-2

Our PreK 1-2 is designed for children under 36 months. This is their first exposure to a classroom setting and we make it count! Everything our 1's and 2's learn prepares them for success in the 

following stage. Our goal for them is to understand the routine of a classroom, it's limits and their responsiblities within it. In this classroom learning and fun go hand in hand. 

PreK 3-4

Our PreK 3-4 is designed for children over 3 years of age.  Ready for the next stage, the learning never stops for our 3's and 4's. Our low ratio allows us to focus on all areas of learning for your child. Our goal is to help them achieve confidence and prepare them for Kindergarten. With the completion of our program, each child will be prepared to be a positive role model in their significant classrooms. We will advocate for their positive role in any school type or class setting.


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