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About Us

At Head Start Pre-Kinder we strive to enhance your child's social, emotional, creative and intellectual development.


Our program has a well balanced schedule with structured age appropriate activities, open exploration, social and quiet times with ample opportunites for creativity and learning through play.

Communication between parents and teachers is a very important aspect of our program. We believe in working closely with families, sharing ideas, needs and concerns and developing a positive and supportive relationship. Parents and teachers work as a team towards a common goal. To show each child the joy in learning and to support them through their first years to create a solid foundation that will aid them as they grow and continue onto a lifelong road of learning. 

Meet Our Staff

Ms. Bell


Early Childhood Educator/Infant & Toddler Teacher

Founded Head Start

in September 2016

With over 20 years of experience as an educator, my passion is geared in providing a nurturing and stimulating environment, that encourages each child to gain the confidence, and the necessary skills that will help guide them, and make them successful throughout elementary school and life. As a parent, my goal is to provide quality service that parents can trust, and depend on. As an owner, I ensure a positive and supportive team environment, where Early Childhood Educators are respected and valued for their work. 


Ms. Cruz
Assistant Manager/
Head Teacher/Early Childhood Educator

With Head Start

since January 2017

My passion is to educate children. I love being surrounded by young minds. My goal and dedication is geared towards helping children find the best of their abilities and eventually be a great role model to their peers and to our society. I have been working for more than six years in the classroom and I can truly say, I enjoy every moment of it!


Ms. Yang
Head Teacher/
Early Childhood

With Head Start

since September 2017

Having volunteered and worked in various settings that were centered around the education of children, I can honestly say there is nothing I enjoy more than interacting with children. I find that working with children is such a breath of fresh air and to this day, it amazes and fascinates me what children come up with when I have conversations with them. Working in this field, my goal is to provide children with a loving environment that allows them to grow and unlock each of their individual potential to be the best them that they can be. 


Ms. Chu

Early Childhood Educator

With Head Start

since July 2022

I believe that children are extremely capable and able to thrive when surrounded by a nurturing and supportive environment. I am an early childhood educator because the first few years of a child’s life is full of amazing milestones,

accomplishments, and new experiences. It is a

privilege to be able to share these with the children I work with! I strive to be a positive presence in the lives of the children I work with - as much as they are a positive influence in mine. The children I work with inspire and remind me to laugh, play and wonder!


Ms. Han

Early Childhood Educator

With Head Start

since August  2021

With my previous experience teaching in Vietnam, working as an Early Childhood Educator came very naturally to me. At Head Start Pre-Kinder, I
found a place where I love the focus on education and how children are taught with love, discipline and respect. As a Mother, I am also very happy for my son to be a part of the Head Start classroom. Each day
I am excited for what he will learn and enjoy. 


Ms. Kacy

Early Childhood Educator

With Head Start

since July 2023

I am an educator because I not only adore children, but I truly believe in the importance of early learning. I believe that children learn the most of what they’re ever going to learn in the first five years of their lives, and I want to be a part of that. The astonishing thing is that every day that I spend with children is a day that I learn too, and there is nothing more beautiful than this mutual exchange of learning between both parties – children are unique and amazing; Seeing children reach their own milestones and age-appropriate skills, that will later become beneficial to them throughout their life, has always been the

most rewarding part of this career.


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